Teachers Available

Londoner living nearby Kyoto looking for a part-time English teaching position. Half English / half Japanese British native. Conversational Japanese ability. Email: moc.liamgnull@49snrub.h.xela

Fun children’s English lessons in Kyoto Yawatashi. For more information contact: moc.liamgnull@hsilgneyppahsekulyppah

Starting October 1st French-Italian-English native teacher with long experience in Japan gives café-lessons in Osaka (Umeda or Tennoji) every day, weekend and festivities included, from 09:00 am to 01:00 p.m (lunch time last lesson.) 90 minutes 3.000 yen. For any question or reservations write to moc.liamtohnull@htuostumiza

If you need custom made flash cards for your needs, contact me at moc.liamgnull@hsilgne.edisybedis 1000円 is the starting price. Printed, laminated, and cut. contact me for samples and further details.

子供の英語教師パートタイムの空席を検索しています。(梅田/高槻)。日本で英語教師としての経験の8年間。子供に教えることを好みます。メールを送ってくだい moc.oohaynull@eerfirim

Looking for full time job teaching kids preschool age with accommodations. 10 years of experience at different international preschools in Osaka. Please mail for CV or interview asap. moc.oohaynull@eerfirim

I am a native English speaker currently looking for legal English teaching work. I am in Osaka. I am looking for an English teaching position that will grant me a visa. I do not have a BA, but have experience in ESL teaching. Please contact me if you are in need of a fantastic, youthful and energetic teacher. Please email me at moc.liamgnull@13akcssej

Maths and Physics Tutoring (igcse, IB, EJU). If you are looking for an experienced online maths and physics tutor please take a look at my website where you can book a free trial. http://mathsandphysicstutor.wixsite.com/tutoring If you have no experience with this type of tutoring you can find some free lessons on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLmPcTHw7KM3jPubfi7H9fA


Japanese lesson in Osaka. Instructor can speak English. http://www.jpnlessonosaka.net

English speaker looking for a private Japanese teacher in Umeda area. 1-2 times per week. Evenings or weekends preferred. moc.kooltuonull@29senoj.leahciM

嵐山フランス語 プライベートティーチャー 4歳から99歳までの年齢 1時間2500円 – 毎月(最低8時間17000円)Contact: moc.liamgnull@pts.ireifla Line : alf.stp

Group English lessons for elementary aged children with advanced English starting in April. Great for returnees, mixed ethnicity, and children from overseas. Mondays at 7pm in Kyoto, nr Nijo Castle. 2000円 Basic classes also available. 3 – 10 yrs. 8 years experience. Please message for more details. moc.liamgnull@naddaedgniviL

Native English speaker from the UK, I am available to offer 1-2-1 study help. I live in Kyoto City but can go further if travel costs are covered. Please email me for more information: moc.liamgnull@ku.32.bpr

I am a English and Spanish conversation teacher living here in Nabari-shi. If u would like to learn English or Spanish feel free to contact me. Very cheap 1500 yen for one hour or more if no next lessons. One to one lessons, two or three no problem. Teaching at cafe, coffee shop, restaurant. moc.liamgnull@90672gnis

Personal trainer in calisthenics. For anyone who is bored of training with the machines in the gymnasium and would like to try a new way to exercise. Then calisthenics is right for you as it develops strength and flexibility that are done without special equipment. 1000 yen per lesson. ku.oc.liamtohnull@89llebmalhsoj

加古川市の英会話教室小麦クラフトー11月に新しいレッスンを始まります。詳しくは:- www.komugicraft.com

Looking for P/T English teaching job for kids in the mornings in Osaka on Tanimachi Line or near Umeda or Takatsuki. Currently working from 2-30pm till 7-30pm in Takatsuki. Loving kids. 8 years experience teaching kids (2-7 y.o)in Japan. Please mail moc.oohaynull@eerfirim

I am native french and give lessons especially for beginers. Most of the time, daily conversation. Contact me moc.liamgnull@47ertseled.neitsabes

Looking for full-time employment as an English teacher in Kyoto. Swedish, male, 26 y/o, Bilingual fluency in both English & Swedish. Japanese is on a conversational level. I live in Japan on Spouse Visa, near Marutamachi Station and can start working anytime. Please contact me: moc.liamgnull@oneuvms

Love your English. Group and individual classes available in Honmachi, Osaka. Contact: moc.oohaynull@hsilgneruoyevol First class ~ ¥ 1,500 / hour Regular class ~ ¥ 3,000 / hour

One on one English teacher requires students in the Kakogawa area. Lessons can be held at any time of the day in a place convenient to both teacher & student. 2,500 yen for 1 hour. E-mail moc.liamgnull@21boeivets for more information.

G`day. I was born in Japan and I raised in Australia. I`m offering private cafe lessons for conversational English in Osaka City. I will provide all the teaching materials. moc.liamgnull@25amayakany

Bonjour. フランス語の授業 You want to learn French? I give French private lessons in Osaka. I’m from France, I have a master’s degree and I’m also a blogger and an author. Feel free to contact me. moc.liamgnull@81talavj

Available to teach on Mondays from 14:00-20:00 around Himeji, Kakogawa, Takasago and anywhere nearby. I have a driving license and my own car. Hourly fee is 5,000yen, transport + material (if needed) incl. My students successfully passed 英検、児童英検、センター試験、and school interviews. From young children to adults. Contact me at moc.liamgnull@stra.egnaro.elprup

If anyone is looking to learn English please feel free to contact me. Lets enjoy learning together and have fun. moc.liamgnull@kcirdehsiseD

Japanese business and teaching professionals. Please contact me if you need any English-related assistance. Check www.english-always.com

I’m an English teacher from the Philippines and I’m currently living in Suminoe, Osaka City. If you wish to brush up on your English communication skills, I’d be happy to help you with that. Send me an email at moc.oohaynull@7021thsilgne

28 years old from Spain. 5 years living in Japan, good command of Japanese, TOEIC 900, native Spanish. Graduated from Kansai Gaigo Language School. Looking for a full-time job. moc.liamgnull@ebucdik

British national graduate of English Language and Literature with over two years experience teaching looking for students for private tutoring English sessions. Comfortable and experienced in teaching a range of ages, abilities and nationalities. Contact for more info. moc.kooltuonull@sorclliwekaj

Experienced ALT, have taught English in Australia and New Zealand, looking for a position in Kasai, Kato city, Nishiwaki, Sanda or Miki City. Lots of experience with preschool age. Asking salary ¥250,000. Temping agencies ok but can only work in those hours and want minimum remuneration of ¥250.000. 08040271970 moc.liamtohnull@pjznakah

Native New Zealand English Speaker. CELTA qualified. 1 year of experience teaching in Japan. Looking for full or part time work in the Osaka, Hyogo area. Please contact me for more info. moc.kooltuonull@29senoj.leahcim

I’m Victor, a qualified English and French Teacher with more than seven years experience in Thailand and Taiwan, teaching children, teenagers and adults. In addition I have a Bachelor of English and did a TEFL training course. I charge 1,000 JPY for the trial lesson, then 2,500 JPY per hour. Feel free to contact me to this email address: moc.liamgnull@grebmulbociv A bientot.

My name is Allison from Australia. I’m available for conversation lessons with all ages & enjoy working with kids. I can meet you at a coffee shop in Rinku-town or Izumisano. I’m also available as a substitute teacher. I’m enjoying living in Osaka. My email is: moc.liamtohnull@03jnosilla

I am from Indonesia. I currently live in Osaka and I teach English and Indonesian Language to several people nowadays. I have experience in teaching English and Indonesian Language to several people online before, and I also worked as a marketing manager in a futures trading company. moc.liamgnull@nivumhsilgne

My name is Aonik vottacharjee. I completed my bachelor last year. I have highly experienced on English teaching in any level. My phone number is 070-2281-5965

Experienced English teacher for kids and adult classes is available for part time evening lessons on the Hankyu line or Osaka subway. one on one and groups. tel 09069059165

Japanese lesson in Osaka. I am a certified Japanese teacher please contact me. 1500 yen / hour. Mon. and Fri. Daytime is available pj.oc.oohaynull@8160omnag

Native English Proof reader available. Any work considered. for further information e-mail: moc.liamgnull@21boeivets

Learn Japanese with a fully qualified Japanese teacher in one to one private lesson. The school is located at 2 mins walk from JR Osaka Station. 1 hour lesson is 3000 yen. The first 55 min lesson check level is free of charge. Please come try. Phone: 06-4977-9113 See you very soon.

English tutor or small classes, all ages, my home, your home or coffee shop. Location: Kishiwada. My wife is Japanese and can present for small children in need of Japanese speaking assistance. Marty 090-8822-6414 Yu 090-2286-1187 for Nihongo

Full-time English teaching job required. I am a native English speaker, from NZ. I have worked in Japan now as an English teacher for 3 years. I have a TESOL Diploma and certificates in ESP. I have experience with kids and adults but specialize in kids. Any questions pj.en.omocodnull@gniddew.kram

Students, are you looking for English teacher nearby JR Nishi-Akashi Station? Fee: 3500 yen / hour and free materials. Place: any restaurant or coffee shop. Please contact 08038108522 and look for Ms.Pinky. 宜しくお願いします。ありがとうございます。

Italian (native) and English teacher (990 TOEIC) available. Area: Sakuranomiya and JR Loop line. Trial lesson: 1000 yen. Regular lesson: 3000 yen. The lesson can be at my place, your place or café. Please contact me at: moc.liamgnull@aj.elaer.otrebor

International Martial Arts (神武) Learn from the best. 080-5634-0909

We are a new English school which opened in Itami. We have only private lessons which are offered by either a Japanese or native teacher. 2 minutes from Hankyu Itami Station. Hope to see you soon. Please book your free trial lesson at: pj.kooltuonull@hsilgneyssalc

一緒に楽しみにフランス語を勉強しましょう。 Etudions ensemble le français dans la joie et la bonne humeur. moc.liamgnull@resiak.lehcim.m

I have experience teaching English for over 10 years now. I’m available for English lessons with all ages from kids to seniors. I can meet you at a cafes in around Nishinomiya, Ashiya or Takarazuka area. I’m also available as a substitute teacher. My email is: moc.oohaynull@5220hvna

A native Japanese speaker, over 20 years of experiences, offers meet@cafe or online Japanese Lessons at any levels. 3,000 yen/1H (Namba, Umeda area) Fluent English spoken, friendly, professional manner. An Australian teacher\’s license holder with experience. Taught JLPT, N1-5. Please email me to jpkabuki@hotmail.

I am an English teacher for children. I am teaching in Kumom and little club. I am interested in some part time job for complete my schedule. Some body need, please call me. My phone 08040172619. I am living in Kakogawa area.

I’m a Japanese teacher in Osaka. My name’s Kazu, and I have a passion to teach Japanese, anywhere you want to meet. I will teach casual and formal conversation, Kansai dialect, and cool slang. Price is ¥2000 per hour, or ¥1500 for 45 minutes. Feel free to contact me anytime. moc.liamgnull@81016891remurd

Italian (conversational, reading, writing, translating) teacher at Kyoto or online. Contact me at moc.liamgnull@fodnanref.rehcaet.nailati

Proofreading services. Professional proofreader seeks individual and students to come forward with all the proofreading services for affordable fees. If you are interested, please contact Sam @ moc.oohaynull@07ssamoib

Struggling to find a date? Are you finding hard to approach girls in Japan? Let me help you to develop your day or night game, pull out ladies easily and get over 5 new contacts a week with my coaching. You do not even need to speak Japanese or look like Justin Bieber. Will get you a free date in the first week or your money back. moc.liamgnull@281oicinamm

English tutoring classes on all weekends. Ready to teach kids of all levels. Preferably in and around Settsu-Shi. Locations can be at cafes or at homes. If interested drop me an e-mail on moc.liamgnull@kohcnuk.gnirest

ケイト 英語レッスン先生 English whenever, wherever. いつでもどこでも英会話レッスン Contact us: 050-5309-1976 moc.liamgnull@etaklerek English lessons for everyone. 英語を楽しく簡単に学びたくないですか? 私達はあなたの英語力を確実に伸ばすことができます。一般的な英語はもとより、メディカル系の英語についても教えることができます。 英語のレッスンであなたに会えるのを楽しみにしています。よろしくね。15分の無料レッスン。

Qualified native English teacher. Private lessons one to one English lessons. 英語レッスン – ビジネス英語 – マンツーマンプライベートレッスンの英語レッスンが可能なネイティブの英語の先生. 無料トライアルレッスン. *場所芦屋¥0(その他の場所¥1500)*チケットキャンペーン¥0 場所:芦屋; 西宮: 岡本; 三宮; 梅田; 北新地; moc.ohoznull@IESNES+xoFrettuBtunaeP

My name is Yutaka. I am a native English speaker. I was born in Nara but raised in Australia. I am currently teaching at an conversation school in Osaka. I can provide teaching material. I can meet at cafes in Osaka. moc.liamg25null@amayakany

We teach Business and Engineering English to the biggest companies in Japan such as Toyota, Hitachi and so on. Whatto be promoted? Work overseas? Mail us now. rb.moc.oohaynull@oicinamm

英語フランス語とアラビア語を教えます。フレンドリーと経験あります 場所 先生の家 料金1時間2500円 グループレッスンは1500円から2000まで もっと詳しくはご連絡してください よろしくお願い moc.evilswodniwnull@gnikotom

Native level speaker of the English language in Kyoto available for free conversation classes with people of all ages. 2500JPY per hour; negotiable price. Please cover transport costs outside Kyoto. moc.liamgnull@yarduacssecnirp

Available to teach English for children with special needs. Lessons are 45 minutes for 3500 yen. I bring my own materials, have driving license and car. Only Mondays between 14:00-20:00. For Himeji, Kakogawa, Takasago and nearby areas. Contact me at moc.liamgnull@stra.egnaro.elprup

Practice your English language for all levels. Located in Kishiwada-shi. Can travel and meet anywhere. Email me for more information: moc.liamgnull@jyekciw

My name is Laurent. I give French courses for all levels and purposes. You will learn not only French but also French culture (about wine, fashion, art, etc.) My rate is ¥1000 / hour. (The first lesson : 500) moc.duolcinull@reve4ecidnactnerual

英語レッスン – ビジネス英語 Business English. Native English teacher available for private tuition English language lessons. スカイプ & ライン SKYPE & LINE, welcome. 芦屋; 西宮。 岡本; 三宮; 梅田; 北新地; 大阪北区。 堂島; 西天満 moc.ohoznull@sdAFK+XOFrettubtunaeP

Come to Moving to Heal Class (60-minutes non-impact workout class) in Tamagawa, Osaka on 26 February at 19:20–20:20. Fee: 1000 yen. Anybody is welcome. We will move to heal with 60’s groovy music. https://www.facebook.com/events/1395382510572098/

Professional experienced English teacher (male, 30 y.o.) is looking for students / classes in Kobe (Nada – Sannomiya). Will help to improve your pronunciation, grammar, fluency and vocabulary. Contact me at moc.liamgnull@hcidgam.erdna

In profit English school for sale. 800,000 yen. North Osaka location. Minoh city, Osaka prefecture, Japan. Students include adults and some kids. Nice neighborhood in a mid-sized busy city. Perfect for a solo owner-operator teacher or husband/wife team. Priced for quick sale. Contact me for more details. moc.liamgnull@usedyreme

English teacher with 20 years of experience. Last job was teaching English at the Shanghai German Elementary School. Certified Cambridge examiner. Looking for visa sponsorship. I play piano and use music to teach English. I also speak Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Dutch. Nationality: Dutch moc.liamgnull@6644llesw

Experienced native English teacher for kids, adults and business English. Available after 3pm. please mail me. moc.liamtohnull@106ukotatiK

Need a roomate? Got an extra room to share? Place a free ad in kansaiFREEads.com today!

English linguist and teacher is looking for work as English trainer preferably in a business environment for adults. Now residing in Kyoto with more than 15 years of experience as a linguist, I can offer you my expert knowledge for your corporate trainings. Please contact me by email. moc.liamgnull@nociwoht

Experienced native English teacher from New Zealand looking for part-time or full-time work in Osaka or Sakai. I have a degree in linguistics and intermediate Japanese ability. Feel free to contact me for further information at moc.liamgnull@earadmahc

Sannomiya: Learn English in a fun, informal cafe environment. Native English teacher from US. ¥2000 for one hour (trial lesson ¥1200 / 45 min). Contact: moc.liamgnull@hsilgne.efac.ebok https://www.facebook.com/kobe.cafe.eikaiwa/

I’m looking for a job in the Kansai region starting August 2017. I know four languages. English, Swedish, Hindi/Urdu and Japanese. I also have a bachelor in English and two years teaching experience at a school in Kyoto. I’m interested in any company where my skills might be useful. moc.liamgnull@skrowarim

Polyglot Business English Teacher highly experienced and qualified (engineer and TESOL teacher) currently teacheing at Hitachi, Toyota to high position people. Business and technical ( engineering / instrumental) available. Dynamic and enjoyable one to one classes. rb.moc.oohaynull@oicinamm

Neki is giving English & French group lessons every week Only 1000 yen / hour per person. English lessons, every Friday 7-8pm. French lessons, every Saturday 7-8pm. Neki: 2nd Floor – 365 Kamiyachō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu, Kyoto, Japan 6000000 www.facebook.com/nekikyoto

Experienced ESL instructor 10+ yrs experience (including 4 years ESL teaching in Japan) w/ages 3-60 moving to Osaka July 28th from US. Require FT job that can sponsor my visa. Have BS in Early Childhood Education, MBA TESL/TEFL, CELTA. Please contact ASAP if interested. moc.liamgnull@71yawhgihffo

English conversation teacher near Sakyo Ku. Native english speaker, can accept students of all ages. 2000 yen / per hour. Contact me at moc.liamgnull@uohc.e.tnecniv

I am Daniele. I offer Italian lesson and english lesson in Osaka available mostly in the morning in interested here is my Line ID: walalla11 Please text me.


Experienced American ESL trainer looking for daytime work, individual or group lessons. Profile and work history can be confirmed at www.english-always.com

Experienced Japanese teacher is looking for students who want to learn Japanese in Nishinomiya. For more details please contact moc.liamgnull@3030xadeew

イタリア語(会話・読み・書き・通訳)教えます。京都市かスカイプでの授業です。ご連絡は: moc.liamgnull@fodnanref.rehcaet.nailati

I am Dinesh, living in Kyoto. I have valid work permit. I have bachelor degree and fluency in English. I have 6 months working experience as an online course staff of an English course at Kyoto University. I am searching a part time job preferably as an English teacher / instructor. moc.oohaynull@1710_khsenid

I have experience teaching English for over 10 years now. I’m available for English lessons with all ages from kids to seniors. I can meet you at a cafes in around Nishinomiya, Ashiya or Takarazuka area. I’m also available as a substitute teacher. My email is: moc.oohaynull@5220hvna

I am a French 28 year-old woman with a Master’s degree in English, and years of experience teaching people of all ages and level. I can teach you Englsih and/or French. My lessons focus on your interests and your goals. I am a very patient and joyful teacher. moc.liamgnull@eilehpo.atneiugE

Kyoto Français. En complément de vos cours scolaires. Cours de français de pratique de façon souple et conviviale pour améliorer vos compétences en expression et prononciation orale. Contact: moc.liamgnull@stnevenoituloscba

Spanish conversation lessons with native experienced teacher in Hanshin and Osaka area. Hola, soy Harley. Contact me pj.en.oohaynull@lemadaryelrah 090-8526-2212

Cool Caucasian male available for teaching English in Osaka areas at a reasonable ¥ rate. I’m also looking to hangout & practice my Japanese. So feel free to contact me here anytime. Mata ne. Tommy moc.liamgnull@57asukcirevam

English conversation classes to fit your needs. I can travel to you or meet in the middle. Available day time and nights, currently located in Kishiwada City. moc.liamgnull@jyekciw

One on one English teacher requires students in the Nishinomiya area. Lessons can be held at any time of the day in a place convenient to both teacher & student. 2,500 yen for 1 hour. E-mail anvh0225@gmail for more information.

If you are looking for an English teacher to learn conversational English after work hours then please feel free to contact me. I am a licensed teacher. I also tutor kids. moc.liamgnull@relttesnaeco

Be fit and be strong. Join drop-in Boxercise (cardio boxing) class in Rokko Island. Only 1000 yen per class. For more information please contact moc.liamgnull@3030xadeew

MA TESOL & 21st Century Pedagogy looking for a full-time position in Kansai. 5 years teaching experience with the last two years in Japan. I teach integrated skills and suprasegmentals (intonation, stress and reduced forms). I am a fun and interesting instructor for children and adults. E-mail: moc.oohaynull@7retnuhnoid

こんにちは。 Are you looking for one on one English tutorial or English teacher? The teacher will be teach you in any coffee shop or any restaurant located in JR Akashi Or JR Nishi Akashi. Welcome for those beginner students. You can reach me at 080-3810-8522 or moc.liamgnull@330yrrehcilab よろしくお願いします。ありがとうございます。 Thank you very much.

I’m searching for a full-time English teaching position starting from August 2017. Aside from English, I can speak Swedish, Hindi/Urdu and Japanese. I also have a Bachelor’s in English and two years teaching experience at a school in Kyoto. moc.liamgnull@skrowariM

Looking for F/T or P/T English teaching kids / (child care) position in Osaka on Tanimachi Line or around Umeda. Loving kids. Over 8 years experience teaching kids aged 20 month to 17 years old in Japan. Please mail for full CV moc.oohaynull@eerfirim

English tutoring. Are you a high school or university student and need help with learning and understanding English? I can provide cheap 1 on 1 tutor service for you. I am a native English speaker from Australia. Please contact me if you are interested moc.liamtohnull@illagekaj

I teach English & French to adults, students, children, professionals as well as businesses. Being based in Rokko, anywhere between Kobe and Ashiya (JR & Hankyu) is fine. First 30 min trial lesson is free then 2,500 yens per hour. Please email moc.liamtohnull@63llubeulb

My name is Maria. I teach English and can speak Japanese. I want to help people who wants to learn and practice to speak English or Japanese, maybe you know a little but still struggling. I want to know about your problems you might be facing while learning in ways to help you better. Feel free to contact me: moc.liamgnull@ssalctuognahym

Nara (Kashiba, Kashihara area only) Tesol certified English teacher available for private classes. 100% conversational and enjoyable classes, focused on the student personal goals from basic English to business classes. Call our staff to book you first free lesson on 08080215120 Yuka (Japanese, English) or mail me.

I am a personal trainer living in Hirakata City. I specialise in physical training for mental wellbeing. I will provide a custom outdoor fitness session where we will train together. Come and train with me and discover your potential. The first session is free (must speak conversational level English). moc.liamgnull@liamcamnadia

We teach Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Vietnamese etc. Please contact us. http://cal-gpc.org

Amer. Male teacher, 45, real world exp. in insurance & break estate, well informed offers lessons based on 10 years teaching in Japan. Professionals welcome. 3500/HR with free 30 min. trial. I’ve had company, child, cafe etc – all type of lessons. moc.liamgnull@iesnessuoires

English teacher for kids in Hyogo. Kakogawa. I have experience teaching kids here, in english club and kumom. Fell free contact me.
I can teach by skipe too. moc.liamgnull@savesazuos

I am a 25 year-old boy both fluent in English and French. I live in Nakazaki and I am willing to give private lessons. I am currently teaching French to Japanese people in a private company. Also, I have been teaching kids. I can adjust the content of my lessons according to what you need or want. moc.liamgnull@amin.itabrot

I am an experienced male teacher from England. Hankyu line and subway line in Higashi Yodogawa. Kids, adults, TOEFL, TOEIC, contact me. 09069059165 anytime.

Great English Teacher available P/T in Kobe. Experienced, qualified with full visa etc. 7+ yrs teaching English in Japan. moc.liamgnull@ttiwehakrm

English and Spanish teacher. I am expert TEFL qualified for kindergarten, elementary and adults with working experience in England and Thailand. I also offer individual private lesson or group classes for spoken English or Spanish. I currently work in Kyoto Area. If interested please contact me via, Phone 070 4211 5397. E-mail, moc.liamgnull@aicirtapzenitram.sp Patricia.

I’m a 22 year old hard working German seeking a job in Osaka. I can speak English and German, but just a little Japanese. I have experience in hospitality, laboring and teaching. moc.liamgnull@4shcirnihnebroht

Looking to teach older children or adults in Japan in March 2018. I am from the USA. Currently, teach in South Korea. I have a degree in Business and a TESOL (120 hrs) moc.liamgnull@47atsiniagrab

Native English speaker from New York, and a new Doshisha University student, looking for part-time work teaching or tutoring English. Living in Kyoto City, but willing to commute. Conversational Japanese. Please e-mail: ude.tir.gnull@6276fjc

My name is Liza, a TESOL-certified English teacher living in Minoh City. I’d love to meet up and teach English to Japanese ESL learners. Please contact me at moc.azilhtiwhsilgnenull@ofni

Instructor (editing / grammar) MBA instructor is looking for students of all levels; thesis, project papers, paper reviews, grammar correction (editing), speech presentations, and oral conversations to enhance your everyday English. Interested students should contact Soppens at moc.oohaynull@17ssemeis

Are you serious about learning English? We want you to succeed quickly, then tell others who helped you do it, so we can help them too. We will guide you weekly so you can make real progress. Succeed by contacting Striving4English. Private lessons at: moc.liamgnull@hsilgne4gnivirts

I’m a Canadian have lived in Canada and USA for over 16 years, most recently in California. I’m looking for part-time opportunities near or in Wakayama, Osaka. I am also offering English tutor for students, conversation partner with adults. Rate 2000 yen / hour + travel. Please contact me at moc.oohaynull@aitnus

Learn Japanese with a qualified Japanese teacher in a one to one private lesson. The first 55 min lesson is free of charge. Please come try. Phone: 06-4977-9113

Experienced Italian teacher is available in Osaka. moc.liamgnull@iasnakniedeak

Parkour? My name is Tyler I’m Canadian and live in 大阪市福島区。 I’ve been doing parkour for 2 years now. I’d love to teach parkour because its cool, fun and very good exercise. I charge 1500円 or 2500円 for 2 per hour. 090-8535-2499 / moc.kooltuonull@91stnemelclrelyt

English, French, Spanish and German teacher available in Hirakatashi. Close to Gotenyama station. 1700/hour. Mail: moc.liamgnull@teugiptnecniv

Professional English. Business English, academic presentations, meetings, giving opinions Friendly, female teacher with teaching license. Kyoto, Osaka, and Wakayama. moc.liamgnull@snosseliasnak

Native English speaker from New York, and a new Doshisha University student, looking for part-time work teaching or tutoring English. Living in Kyoto City, but willing to commute. Conversational Japanese. Please e-mail: ude.tir.gnull@6276fjc

Relief teacher / ALT I can help you if your teacher is absent. Any day of the week except Mondays. High / junior / elementary schools is O.K. experience with all. Kyoto,Nara,Osaka O.K. pj.oc.oohaynull@5622ps

私は京都で勉強しているオーストラリア国立大学学生です。 I can tutor spoken and written English at all levels, from improving conversational English to correcting academic or business material. ¥2000/hr but negotiable depending on requirements. Contact me at moc.liamgnull@noremacohz for more information.

Learn Japanese with a fully qualified Japanese teacher in a one to one private lesson. The first 55 min lesson check level is free of charge. We are waiting to studying with you. Phone: 06-4977-9113 おまちしております。

I am 26, student. Excellent English speaker looking for afternoon jobs. Have experience as a teacher, baby sitting and even at cafes. moc.liamgnull@itirka.eirema

Hong Kong girl 28 y.o. having working holiday visa now in Japan. Looking for any part time job in Osaka. Japanese N4, Fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I am a dancer, English teacher and designer in Hong Kong and just finished a seasonal job in Niseko. Email: moc.liamtohnull@nawkylime

I’m a Canadian university professor, visiting Kansai (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto) June 1-11. I’d like to interview Japanese people about business culture/attitudes in Japan. Interviews in English, but you don’t have to speak perfect English. This can be an opportunity for you to practice your conversation. For information, email Iain: moc.liamgnull@17camdi

Cafe Eigo Ashiya。 英語の会話とビジネス英語のドロップインクリニック。レポート作成の手助け; プレゼンテーション; 宿題など私たちはお手伝いを待っています。料金:1500円 所在地:大丸ビル、JR芦屋 moc.ohoznull@OGIEEFAC+xoFrettuBtunaeP

Hiring? Need a teacher now? Place your teacher wanted ad on kansaiFREEads.com today!

American English / native speaker. My name in Patrick, and I am from Colorado, USA. I have been teaching English for 22 years to students of all ages. I am looking for a full time job within a 1 hour commute from Kyotanabe. I can speak some Japanese. moc.kooltuonull@kcirtap88kcirtap

Tired of making your own lesson plans? Give me your curriculum and I will design lesson plans for you. JTs find my lesson plans easy to follow, even when they don’t speak English. Contact me for details and a sample lesson plan at moc.liamgnull@hsilgne.edisybedis

English lessons for adults, children and groups in around Nishinomiya, Takarazuka, and Osaka Umeda area. All types of lessons available by a teacher with ten years experience. Prices from 2,500/hour. Group lesson’s price is negotiable. Send an e-mail to: moc.oohaynull@5220hvna

English / German lessons for adults, children and groups in Osaka. All types of lessons available by female native and qualified teacher. You will learn also European culture. Prices from 2,800 / hour. Group lesson’s price is negotiable. Send an e-mail to: pj.en.qaz.kwcnull@saci

I can teach you English at your at your level at your place at your budget. English for you would be as easy and fun as never before. Hold on and sit relaxed. Individual / corporate / kids or adults. Only you need to mail me at moc.liamgnull@59igahga

G’day. I’m male Japanese-Australian 26yo in Osaka offering casual English lessons at cafés ¥2500 p/h monkeybrainful@gmail

Free English lessons and conversations every weekend between 15:00 and 17:00. At Faraon Kyoto. ku.oc.liamtohnull@ffidracilA

English lessons for adults, children and groups. All types of lessons available. TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken, conversation, etc. Learn English from a native speaker with over 15 years experience and is great with people of all ages. Lessons available mornings and evenings. Prices from ¥3000 per hour (depending on location). Groups of 3 more (price is negotiable). moc.liamgnull@hsilgnemeelamirak

Looking for a part time job as English or German teacher. I am 26 and German with teaching experience (infants and adult). Living in Kobe and having a valid visa. Please contact me: pj.oc.oohaynull@atakat_illil

I am a Canadian/Australian dual citizen and English teacher with an English B.a. from UVIC, TEFL certification and 15 years classroom experience. I am learning some beginner Japanese and looking for PT/FT positions as a tutor/teacher in Osaka (nearest station Neyagwashi) – private tutoring available – Jason at moc.liamgnull@elohwnworuoygid

I will teach Japanese in Osaka, at cafe. I’m fluent in English. moc.liamtohnull@271uzim

Do you wanna be fit and strong? Join my boxercise class in Rokko Island. Boxercise is an exercise that you box with uptempo music. It is a great way to be in shape. For more details please contact moc.liamgnull@3030xadeew.

Confidence coach. We are now accepting private business English clients. You will instantly increase your English speaking confidence. Do you want to be the best English speaker in your company? Succeed in sales English, negotiations, business presentations and any business English area. Get personalized and guaranteed outcomes. Email: moc.liamgnull@hcaocilgne

From beginner. Taught by a professional native Japanese speaker. At a coffee shop around Umeda Osaka area or Kyobashi area. Instructor can speak English. http://www.jpnlessonosaka.net/

Medical / Nursing English teacher. Licensed Nurse and experienced teacher. For those medical / health workers who are interested to improve their Medical English Vocabulary. moc.liamgnull@etaklerek

Polyglot business English teacher highly experienced and qualified (Engineer and TESOL certified teacher) currently teaching at Hitachi and Toyota to high position people. Business and technical (engineering / instrumental) available. Osaka and Nara covered. Dynamic and enjoyable one to one classes. rb.moc.oohaynull@oicinamm

English lessons for adults, children and groups in Nishinomiya, Takarazuka, and Osaka Umeda. All types of lessons available by a teacher with ten years experience. Prices from 2,500/hour. Group lesson’s price is negotiable. Send an e-mail to: moc.oohaynull@5220hvna

Experienced, CELTA-certified, US-born teacher & proofreader seeking supplemental part-time teaching contract in Kyoto area. No kids or private lessons, please. moc.oohaynull@laksyetst

Looking for parents interested in doing mums / dads and baby / toddler yoga classes. Location: 5 minute walk from Hankyu Juso station. Day: Saturday / Sunday. Time: morning / afternoon. The studio will do a class if there are enough people. Please email if you’re interested. moc.liamgnull@8945etihw.hpets

My name is Thierry. I am looking to teach English in the Kansai area. I recently moved to Japan, but before I lived in the United States of America throughout my life. If anyone is interested in learning Japanese, or if there are any schools looking for a native English speaker, please contact me at moc.liamgnull@0yclavedt

Private yoga classes in English. Practice yoga with Amaranta Aguilar, international yoga teacher with experience in Bali, Europe and México. For more information: moc.liamgnull@agoy.craliuga.atnarama Website: https://amarantaaguilarc.wixsite.com/amarantaaguilaryoga

32yo German male looking for fulltime job in Kyoto area. German, English, Japanese N3 ok. Please contact me: moc.liamgnull@ihsag.snej

Friendly British native currently living in Osaka. If you would like an English conversation partner, or help improving your English please email me at moc.liamgnull@8102hsilgneakaso 2000 yen/hour.

Piano lesson at Toyonaka (Kanzakigawa Sta.) How about having a piano lesson? I can teach for both kids and adults. I have music degree and have 5 years experience teaches in Singapore. Pls contact me moc.liamgnull@reivalk.muabzrawhcs

I am a 23 year old American male currently living in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. Looking for a part time job as a language instructor for mornings or evenings. I have experience in teaching young kids to adults. Contact at moc.liamgnull@daeh39etihw

Japanese Learning Camp is available. Fluent English speaking male Japanese teaches you Japanese 1 on 1 for 6-10 hours / day. Sightseeing, accommodation, language lesson. All-inclusive price JPY 250,000/month. Group use is negotiable too. moc.liamgnull@ediugynajy

I`m an English teacher in osaka. I was born in Japan but raised in Australia. I teach private conversational English lessons in cafes in Osaka and provide all the teaching materials. Yutaka moc.liamgnull@25amayakany

Italian cooking lessons. I’m Luca, 27 years old from Italy. Available in Kyoto from the end of November teaching you something exotic in the kitchen (with original Italian recipes). Must speak some English. Feel free to contact me for any further info here: ti.liamtohnull@98naz

Free English lessons. Send me a mail with some information about yourself and I’ll get back to you. Umeda or Namba. moc.liamtohnull@elbbubezleeb

Native German 26 years old, unlimited working visa looking for a job as a German teacher or English teacher. Teaching experience (english): kindergarten, preschool. (German): all areas. Living in Kobe. ed.xmgnull@ramsieg.J

In Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama or Chiba? Visit tokyoFREEads.com.

Native English teacher raised in Australia and America. North American accent. Currently working part-time as an English teacher. Working visa possible. 2 years teaching experience. moc.liamgnull@888eiriafulb

Mymate – Nara (Kashiba, Kashihara area only) Tesol certified English teacher available for private classes. 100% conversational and enjoyable classes, focused on the student personal goals from basic English to business classes. Call our staff to book you first free lesson on 08080215120 (Japanese, English) or mail me. rb.moc.oohaynull@oicinamm

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