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I need part time job only Osaka and one time by week. I am French native speaker English basic also. Japanese conversation. About anything kitchen, teaching sale. Thank you. moc.liamgnull@6nosiasjpj

Do you need affordable childcare for your toddler? I am a stay at home mom whose daughter is 2.5. I can watch your child along with mine for up to 4 hrs a day for 1000 yen/hr any day of the week; from 8am-7pm. Your child can come to my house or I can go to yours. Our kids can play together. moc.oohaynull@oefilM

Doshisha student graduating in March 2020, looking for jobs in Osaka, Kyoto or Nara area for after I graduate. I’m American, a native English speaker, and have some Japanese language skills. I have studied Japanese culture, economics, politics, as well as programming languages like C# and C++. Please contact: moc.liamgnull@6276fjc

21 y/o German national, frequent traveler, based in Kyōto. Can offer work as: English/German conversational teacher (English level: near native / German level: native). English/German proofreader. Photographer. Writer. For more details on portfolio and experience, contact me via moc.liamtohnull@resned.acul

I am Manny, I live here in Nabari Mie. I am a musician a singer. Salsa, jazz, pops, gospel, etc. If u need a singer, I am your man, worked and recorded with Japanese artists here, 37 plus years singing. Live house, clubs, hotels, wedding party’s, chapel, ceremony, etc. moc.liamgnull@90672gnis

Looking for an English writer and/or a translator? I am happy to help you. Portfolios are available on your request. Please contact Yoshi at moc.liamgnull@iwik.awagami.ihsoy

I am coming to Osaka (Sakai area) soon and am looking for a job where my English and German skills would be useful. I am also fluent in simple Japanese. I am currently 18 years old and don’t have much experience but I would appreciate any offer. ed.oohaynull@aaitiel

28, German native, English fluent, Portuguese conversational, Japanese basic N5-N4. Visa: spouse. Experience: English teacher in daycare kindergarten, cleaning and money changer. Looking for part time position in Hyogo or Osaka. I live near Arimaguchi, Kita-ku in Kobe pj.oc.oohaynull@atakat_illil

26 years old German is searching a part-time or full-time position in Kobe. I hold a valid spouse visa and my Japanese level is around N5-N4. I can also speak fluent English and a little bit Russian. Please feel free to contact me: ed.kooltuonull@bittra

I’m an System and network engineer holding a Master’s degree and living in Osaka City. I’m searching an IT job such as Infrastructure engineer, network engineer, system administrator. French: native, English: fluent, Japanese: daily conversational level. rf.kooltuonull@ogejf

I’m living in Kobe, have spouse visa, 28 years old, German. I speak German, English and I am learning Japanese and Portuguese. Looking for a job as teacher, children care or tour guide. Looking for part time or fulltime (flexible), 3 times a year I need to go to Germany for few days (no paid holiday). pj.oc.oohaynull@atakat_illil

I am a 20-year-old student with a flexible schedule that’s looking for a part-time job around Osaka. I am good with kids and an animal lover. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. moc.liamgnull@11dnlfellehcim

28 ys old native German, spouse visa living in Kobe. I am looking for part time job, nearest station arimaguchi station. 3 days a week until 5 hours. pj.oc.oohaynull@atakat_illil

Looking for a translating and/or writing job. Having New Zealand work experiences and 825 points in the TOEIC. If you have any position available, please contact me at moc.liamgnull@iwik.awagami.ihsoy

Are you looking for a graphic designer to create ads, posters, flyers, invitations and more. Please contact me at moc.oohaynull@selkraps_thgiliwt for very low rates.

Multilingual, strong interpersonal and communication skills with 3 years of experience in sales and marketing looking for a job (overseas sales, marketing, trading company). Indonesian (Native), English (Proficient/C2 level/TOEIC 900), Japanese and Korean (Intermediate). CV (Japanese and English) available at request. moc.liamgnull@90setagrevirniv

I am a hospitality professional (Michelin star restaurant and bars) currently living in Kyoto (WH visa); looking for a full time job. If you have any opportunity within your team please feel free to contact me. Fabio moc.liamgnull@rfsirarref

I am an electrician with huge experience. I have 16 years experience of all electrical works. Now I am looking for job in Osaka. Please reply me on my email. moc.liamgnull@03ramuks.letap

I am a 61 years old Swiss male (Multilingual: German, English, French, basic Japanese) looking for a 3 – 6 months job – mission. Background: business development – international sales and marketing – high-tech. rf.liamtohnull@igulf

I am in Osaka and am looking for a part time job in a kitchen or something similar two times a week. Only Osaka, please. I have lot experience. Please contact me, thank you. moc.liamgnull@6nosiasjpj

Foreign video production specialist looking to work in Kansai region. I’m an award winning American independent filmmaker. I can create high quality video content for your movie, company, business, or special event. Please see website at www.benjaminmichel.com. In need of visa sponsorship.

29 y/o Male, Swedish Photographer & Graphic designer, looking for Full time / part time in Kyoto. Swedish, English, Japanese OK. Lightroom & Photoshop OK. Japanese Oiran studio working experience since 2017. Freelance requests also OK. I have a valid working permit. Short bio, Photo & graphic samples www.madsen.tk

Offering friendly English conversations/ lessons 1,500 yen/hour. Native American English speaker. University Graduate Bachelor’s degree. TEFL certified. Osaka location.Flexible lessons. Cafe / flexible with locations. Contact @ em.mpnull@81JL Other services offered: ALT sub, tour guide, Excel tasks, and delivery services. Contact for various odd jobs inquiries. Prices negotiable.

30M looking for part time job for Saturday evenings and whole Sunday. I live in Kobe and office job (w / working visa). I only started learning nihonngo so still not so good at it. Any job where native Japanese speaking wont be a problem can be considered. moc.liamgnull@xxamadot.esoj

Japanese with fluent English (TOEIC980) seeking some English to Japanese online translation work. Please contact me. moc.liamgnull@seorehikorih

I am a 28 Year old British male looking for any full time employment in Kyoto or nearby surrounding area. I hold a valid spouse visa but only speak a little Japanese. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Email: moc.liamtohnull@knipknihtybrohtnoraa

Native English Proof reader available. Any work considered. for further information e-mail: moc.liamgnull@21boeivets

Need some help? I can help out with Christmas, Halloween etc… parties on the weekend. Or maybe you need someone to cover a class or help cleaning I can help on weekends. Please feel free to ask. moc.liamtohnull@8001naomirom

I need a job one day per week. I am French and I have more than 15 years experience in cooking. Osaka only. moc.liamtohnull@noisufkoocpj

I am a tour guide outdoor professional looking for jobs in Kyoto in need of visa sponsorship. I am very skilled with groups and love sports, culture and art. Near-native English, native Dutch, advanced German, basic French & Japanese. Available April to September 2020. moc.liamgnull@7991keorbesueg.m.j

I am currently living in Kobe and looking for any kind of job. My Japanese isn’t good, but I really want to improve and I think the best way to do it is interact with people. I am 23 years old woman from Poland. I’m very energetic and hard working employee. I have experience working in a restaurant and beauty salon. moc.liamgnull@nolabalebazi

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