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28 years old from Spain. 5 years living in Japan, good command of Japanese, TOEIC 900, native Spanish. Graduated from Kansai Gaigo Language School. Looking for a full-time job. moc.liamgnull@ebucdik

Japanese with fluent English (TOEIC980) seeking some English to Japanese online translation work. Please contact me. moc.liamgnull@seorehikorih

I’m looking for a job in the Kansai region starting August 2017. I know four languages. English, Swedish, Hindi/Urdu and Japanese. I also have a bachelor in English and two years teaching experience at a school in Kyoto. I’m interested in any company where my skills might be useful. moc.liamgnull@skrowarim

I am 26, student. Excellent English speaker looking for afternoon jobs. Have experience as a teacher, baby sitting and even at cafes. moc.liamgnull@itirka.eirema

Multilingual, strong interpersonal and communication skills with 3 years of experience in sales and marketing looking for a job (overseas sales, marketing, trading company). Indonesian (Native), English (Proficient/C2 level/TOEIC 900), Japanese and Korean (Intermediate). CV (Japanese and English) available at request. moc.liamgnull@90setagrevirniv

Native English Proof reader available. Any work considered. for further information e-mail: moc.liamgnull@21boeivets

I’m a 22 year old hard working German seeking a job in Osaka. I can speak English and German, but just a little Japanese. I have experience in hospitality, laboring and teaching. moc.liamgnull@4shcirnihnebroht

32yo German male looking for fulltime job in Kyoto area. German, English, Japanese N3 ok. Please contact me: moc.liamgnull@ihsag.snej

I am Dinesh, living in Kyoto. I have valid work permit. I have bachelor degree and fluency in English. I have 6 months working experience as an online course staff of an English course at Kyoto University. I am searching a part time job preferably as an English teacher / instructor. moc.oohaynull@1710_khsenid

京都市の写真家としての雇用を求めて Seeking employment as a photographer on Kyoto アクション – ネイチャー – 旅行 – 結婚式。 Action – nature – voyage – mariage いくつかのソーシャルネットワーク上の写真や年代記 – 観光とスポーツレポート Photographer and chronicler on several social networks – Tourisme and sport report http://abcsolution.wixsite.com/jacky-de-greef

I am a hospitality professional (Michelin star restaurant and bars) currently living in Kyoto (WH visa); looking for a full time job. If you have any opportunity within your team please feel free to contact me. Fabio moc.liamgnull@rfsirarref

I am currently living in Kobe and looking for any kind of job. My Japanese isn’t good, but I really want to improve and I think the best way to do it is interact with people. I am 23 years old woman from Poland. I’m very energetic and hard working employee. I have experience working in a restaurant and beauty salon. moc.liamgnull@nolabalebazi

30M looking for part time job for Saturday evenings and whole Sunday. I live in Kobe and office job (w / working visa). I only started learning nihonngo so still not so good at it. Any job where native Japanese speaking wont be a problem can be considered. moc.liamgnull@xxamadot.esoj

Hong Kong girl 28 y.o. having working holiday visa now in Japan. Looking for any part time job in Osaka. Japanese N4, Fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I am a dancer, English teacher and designer in Hong Kong and just finished a seasonal job in Niseko. Email: moc.liamtohnull@nawkylime

I am a 20-year-old student with a flexible schedule that’s looking for a part-time job around Osaka. I am good with kids and an animal lover. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. moc.liamgnull@11dnlfellehcim

I’m looking for a part time job. 24yo Swedish guy currently studying Japanese in Osaka. I’m able to work anytime except during school (13:00-16:30). I’m positive towards any offers. I’m looking forward to replies. moc.liamtohnull@29nossleinaD.reffotsirK

I am a 61 years old Swiss male (Multilingual: German, English, French, basic Japanese) looking for a 3 – 6 months job – mission. Background: business development – international sales and marketing – high-tech. rf.liamtohnull@igulf

I’m an System and network engineer holding a Master’s degree and living in Osaka City. I’m searching an IT job such as Infrastructure engineer, network engineer, system administrator. French: native, English: fluent, Japanese: daily conversational level. rf.kooltuonull@ogejf

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