Housing Wanted – Seeking Accommodation

Looking for a furnished apartment in Kyoto. 30,000 yen. If you have an offer close to that, I am happy to consider it. moc.liamgnull@dleifnrebykcir

Me and my Japanese partner are looking to rent a furnished house for around 3 months (January – March). We are a friendly, tidy couple. Please let us know if you have anything available around north Osaka (Kyobashi area, etc). moc.liamgnull@394lanik

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Looking for a place to stay in a few nights per week, within reasonable distance of JR Hyogo Station. I live near Nagai in South Osaka, but will have to commute to Hyogo for 6 months – 1 year from April 2020, so am looking for a way to reduce the everyday commute. Contact me on 080-9974-6397

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