Housing Wanted – Seeking Accommodation

English lessons in exchange for accommodation in the Sakyo Ward of Kyoto City. Email princesscaudray@gmail.com

Need a place to stay in Kansai to go with your new job? kansaiFREEads.com has Kansai-area guest houses that will fit your budget.

Need apartment in Kyoto 30K-50K budget, but without any other move-in costs or deposits (monthly rental fee only). Do you have anything like this? Please let me know aim.job@gmail.com

Need a roomate? Got an extra room to share? Place a free ad in kansaiFREEads.com today!

Paula from Swiss. I am currently living in Fukuoka and I would like to relocate in Osaka. Can anyone suggest me a good real estate agent or good apartment to live in? suisse11@protonmail.com

Looking for a furnished apartment in Kyoto. 30,000 yen. If you have an offer close to that, I am happy to consider it. rickybernfield@gmail.com

Looking for furnished room for 2 people in North Osaka, short-term (1 to 2 months). Ideally within 30m drive / train of Hankyu Sakurai Station. jono-tree@hotmail.co.uk

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