Housing Wanted – Seeking Accommodation

Aussie guy looking for a share house close to Namba area. Looking to rent from December for up to 6 months. I’m teaching English in Sakai. I’m also a sushi chef. Easy going, good food, good music and good times. Send me a message here: moc.liamgnull@hsaokram

I’m looking for fully furnished house for the rent in Osaka. Please recommend any house around Osaka area. We need parking also. Contact immediately: 08079665353

I need a free homestay for one week in Osaka prefecture. I will travel in November 2019 for two weeks. Am a man from Kenya 55 years old happy man. moc.liamgnull@2102edabaynog

23 years old female student from Istanbul. Looking for a private room in a share house in Kyoto. moc.liamgnull@uzermec

Need a place to stay in Kansai to go with your new job? kansaiFREEads.com has Kansai-area guest houses that will fit your budget.

Flatmates wanted in Osaka, Kobe, Nara, or Kyoto area. I am a Japanese female traveler and looking for an affordable place to live for some months around those area. I have job and am a language tutor for both English and Japanese so if you want to improve your language skills I’m sure I am the best flatmate for you. Feel free to contact me at moc.liamgnull@suineg.emam

I am looking for an apartment in Juso higashi 1chome 3chome or Kikawanishi 1chome 2chome from September 10 for 3 months with laundry machine, kitchen and bathroom. We are a very quiet couple and this is our 10th time to Japan (3rd long-term stay). Please email me moc.liamgnull@uroak.eorihs

Need a roomate? Got an extra room to share? Place a free ad in kansaiFREEads.com today!

Osaka couple search furnished rental until Dec. 7th quiet during night, next to communal swimming pool. Separate toilet, decent kitchen to cook meals. moc.liamgnull@uroak.eorihs

Shared or private room Kobe city, Kobe. No key money, no agency fees, no key deposit. One month rent 17 November – 17 December 2019 as i will do teaching course. Friendly and respectful British guy aged 27, non smoker or drinker. Qualified school teacher, can exchange English language for rent fee too. Contact ku.oc.liamtohnull@lovaapaam

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