Craft beer tasting event in Osaka on January 25th. Check it out.

Inari Glean cafe and bar in Osaka, near Namba has international events every month. Check out our blog for our upcoming craft beer and language exchange events.

Santa Clause will come to your party. 30 years experience in Japan as Santa. Great rates. Real beard and all. pj.oc.oohaynull@5622ps

International exchange party. Christmas is getting closer day by day and what better way, is there than, to celebrate this tradition while experiencing a new culture? Wabi Sabi Osaka will be hosting a Danish Christmas lunch the way the vikings themselves does it up in the North.

Are you also looking for new friends from different countries? Or maybe want to learn a new language? NCBO language exchange takes place every month at Inari Glean cafe and bar and would love to have you swing by.

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Everyone is invited for the party. Join us and meetup with many International people at the party.

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Free party in Osaka. Check Kansai Friends on Facebook for more.

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