Osaka & Kansai Area Events

Stand up comedy . . ROR comedy. Every Friday night at 9 PM at L&L. Tickets are ¥1000 at the door. See Trip Advisor for more details.

Looking for something? Got something to sell or promote? Place an free ad at today.

Hiring? Need a teacher now? Place your teacher wanted ad on today!

Nara Cherry Blossom Tour on April 6th & April 7th by private van with locals

Free easy tax seminar – presented by JP Wisdom Consultancy (広瀬税務会計事務所) at the Knowledge Salon (Grand Front Osaka) on July 25 at 14:00. Find out how to maximize your tax refunds in Japan. RSVP by email at moc.nalp2hnull@ofni or call 06-6942-3455 to confirm your seat.

Saiwaki Japanese Culture Experience [open on weekends (Friday to Sunday)]: Enjoy kimono, calligraphy and Japanese cuisine. Please visit:

First Egyptian restaurant, cafe, and bar in Kyoto. Shisha lounge. Come and enjoy the atmosphere. Belly dancers show weekly. Contact 0906008419

Free party in Osaka. Check Kansai Friends on Facebook for more.

Endangered Languages Study Group. 絶滅危惧言語勉強会、Free membership / attendance 無料 planned to be held around Kobe on Saturdays 神戸市 土曜日予定 080-5717-0126 Mark マルク

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Everyone is invited for the party. Join us and meetup with many International people at the party.

Got a group in Kansai? Looking for more members? Let everyone know by submitting a free ad to today!

Kobe World Festival needs more project members. Our festival is made from foreign students and society. Who wants to make some projects with us? Introducing own countries, play music, do some performances, hold music live, and more. If you can’t speak Japanese well, it’s no problem. moc.liamgnull@3102lavitsefdlrow

In Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama or Chiba? Visit

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