Osaka & Kansai Area Events

Stand up comedy . . ROR comedy. Every Friday night at 9 PM at L&L. Tickets are ¥1000 at the door. See Trip Advisor for more details.

In Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama or Chiba? Visit

First Egyptian restaurant, cafe, and bar in Kyoto. Shisha lounge. Come and enjoy the atmosphere. Belly dancers show weekly. Contact 0906008419

Everyone is invited for the party. Join us and meetup with many International people at the party.

Looking for something? Got something to sell or promote? Place an free ad at today.

Come to our charity show in this weekend, an evening of short plays and songs performed in English. Featuring performers from all over the world. Ticket revenue will be donated to non-profit organizations.

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Free party in Osaka. Check Kansai Friends on Facebook for more.

The best night life in Osaka, meet locals foreigners, learn languages. Like our page on Facebook for more info.

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Got a group in Kansai? Looking for more members? Let everyone know by submitting a free ad to today!

Jojuji Temple is a hidden Zen temple located in Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto. The temple is opening its buildings and treasures to public for the first time. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy more private tour before the temple becomes more recognized.精浄-文化研究部-禅僧煎茶-/677727869003430

Free event for foreign exchange students. Join us and learn the skills you need to work part-time in yakiniku restaurants, cafes, izakaya and more. For our first event, come learn the most commonly used phrases in the restaurants. You’ll be taught by the Japanese staff currently working in the hospitality industry. Please register to be notified at

Please join our ‘Kansai Personal Development and Coaching’, for people interested in personal development, self improvement, goal setting, motivation or anything like that. All events are free and we’re flexible in terms of where you come from, where you’re at now and where you want to go in life:

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