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My name is Sarab and my age is 32. I want to learn Japanese language and I can learn piano musical instrument and Punjabi, language which will teach me Japanese language. I can learn Punjabi or form piano musical instrument. I can speak some English. I live near Kobe Sannomiya Station. For more information contact: moc.liamgnull@tnasskn

Japanese guy is looking for a language exchange partner (English-Japanese) in central Osaka. If you want to learn Japanese, do contact me. moc.liamgnull@htraeehtfoeceipa

I’m Rina. I live in Kyoto and am a university student studying English culture and the Environmental movement history. I would like to practice my speaking English more. I’ll be more than happy to support your learning of Japanese and the culture. Let’s learn together. moc.liamgnull@0103hcsiflaw

I’m 42-year-old single Japanese man. I’m looking for a language exchange partner or a language study partner. We can improve our target languages by talking at a café in Kobe or in Osaka mainly on weekends. If interested, contact me at pj.oc.oohaynull@514gmfjm

I’m a Japanese woman living in Akashi, a mother of 2 daughters. Looking for a foreign female to do a language exchange with. Please email me on moc.liamtohnull@tomoe_eomot

I’m a Japanese female, 24. Let’s talk on e-mail or LINE. I’m studying English and would help your Japanese. I like reading, and walking to see famous Kansai spots. moc.liamgnull@igonoyorih

I am a Japanese girl, 35, living in Osaka. I would like to improve my English / Italian and I could help you with your Japanese. Don’t hesitate to contact me. moc.liamgnull@awasarak.ylil

Looking for a teacher to teach me Japanese. Preferably someone who studied (or is studying) Education or Teaching Language. We can negotiate the lesson time depending on our schedules. Language exchange is also possible. moc.liamgnull@nageekcmleahcim

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I am a Japanese living in Tennnoji, Osaka, mom of 20 month baby boy. Want mama friends who speak English for language exchange. pj.oc.liamtohnull@okustanokot

I’m looking for language exchange English or German for Japanese. moc.liamtohnull@588ezluhcsyrrah

Looking for a Japanese female to teach me how to knit, quilt or sew whilst doing language exchange. During the daytime during the week is preferable. Come chat and do crafts. I will provide snacks and drinks. moc.liamgnull@uau2ykraps

Language exchange: I’m a Japanese female who would like to have an experience to teach Japanese. I can speak English. Saturday or Sunday afternoon at cafe in Namba or Umeda. moc.liamtohnull@271uzim

Soy una japonesa 42. Me gustaría intercambio entre español y japonés. Mándame un mensaje si quieres. moc.liamgnull@okakihcabot Gracias.

I’m looking for language exchange or drinking friend to meet up with. I’m serious and normal guy. Hobbies are working out, watching DVDs, reading and drinking of course. Mail me at: ac.evilnull@noihcat

I am a Japanese female and I live in Osaka. I would like to practice English. I will take an English exam. In exchange, I can help you with Japanese. Feel free to contact me. Thank you pj.oc.oohaynull@810nng

I’m looking for Japanese person / people for language exchange. Meet at public places. I have materials for Japanese and English. Any age or gender. Myself I am married with 1 son. Please contact pj.en.omocodnull@gniddew.kram

Foreigner living and working in Kyoto. I’m looking for language exchange partners (Japanese ↔️ English). Please contact me if you are interested at moc.liamgnull@pjnevjar

I am a 39 y.o. Japanese female looking for a language exchange partner who can meet in Osaka area on Saturdays daytime or online using Skype, etc. at night. I want to improve English writing skill or Spanish speaking skill (beginner). I can teach you Japanese in Japanese or English. moc.liamgnull@okeeyk

I am a Japanese guy, 26 years old. I want to learn English especially pronunciation. And I can teach you Japanese at cafe. This is my first experience for language Exchange. Thank you. moc.liamgnull@r0210oy

I am a man 47 seeking Spanish Lapanese language exchange. If interested mail me gracias moc.liamgnull@dhppakaso

I am a French woman living in Osaka and looking for language exchange. I need to practice my teaching skills (french or english) and if I can learn Japanese in the same time I would be ecstatic. My email moc.liamgnull@53uoag, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking for language exchange partner in Toyonaka City, please teach me Japanese and I’ll teach you English. Mattane. moc.liamgnull@etaklerek

Language exchange English – Japanese wanted. I’ m a patient teacher and movie-actor. I like interesting lessons and events. Write: moc.xednaynull@432hsamot

My name is Adam, 46, from Israel. I can teach English and Hebrew. I would love to learn some Japanese, I don’t know any. I prefer to partner with people at their 30s or 40s, preferably women, from Kyoto area (I am at Takano). moc.liamgnull@novig.mada

I am a Spanish guy, 33 looking to exchange Japanese for Spanish (native speaker) English or French (both highly fluent). moc.liamgnull@otif.molas I live in Kobe.

I am a male native English speaker from Oxford, UK. I really want to learn Japanese and meet more Japanese people. I would ideally love to meet in cafes etc in central Osaka and do a language exchange. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on ku.oc.liamtohnull@ihgdesrima.mhas

I’m a 37 years old female live in Osaka city. I’ve been studying English and seeking for serious language exchange partner. Hopefully same gender but male is also ok. We can meet up at cafe Namba or Umeda area. If someone who wants to study Japanese I do hope we brush up languages together. pj.oc.oohaynull@061_masaru

Language exchange – Want to learn English for free? Both conversation or a more structured lesson are okay. Let’s meet at a cafe in Umeda or somewhere in central Osaka. Native speaker. moc.liamtohnull@elbbubezleeb

British English man, 45y.o. living near Kyoto station. Wanting to exchange British English skills (speaking / reading / writing) for Japanese language skills (maybe also kanji reading). Would prefer cafe meetings. moc.liamgnull@27rolyanps

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