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I am a 24-year-old female English teacher and care worker, trying to improve my Japanese. Let’s learn from each other. moc.liamgnull@karemsl

35 year old male seeks language exchange partner. I am a native English speaker that knows very little Japanese. If anyone who can teach me Japanese, please. I can teach you English. My email is moc.liamtohnull@amihsnij

I’m looking for a language exchange for the weekends. I speak English and Spanish fluently and I’m looking for someone to practice my Japanese. moc.liamgnull@sokram.yornnom

I am from Philippines looking for a Japanese language exchange. Japanese-english through Skype or Line, Internet. moc.liamgnull@5891yrrejkobkoB

I am from America and live in Kyoto. I want to do language exchange English <--> Japanese. Maybe in cafes Or restaurants. I am male, 26 years old, and currently working as an English ALT. Please email me: moc.liamgnull@421efildoogysae

I am an English teacher that would like to learn Japanese from a Japanese teacher. Let’s trade English for Japanese. I live in Hannan City and have a classroom to use if needed. If interested, please send me an email to: moc.liamtohnull@91_senojwod

Let’s swap languages. I hope to learn Japanese from you, and I would love to help you with English. I’m a young female English instructor living in Namba area. Let’s meet in a cafe for a casual chat. moc.liamgnull@ier.hakeb

I am a Japanese female, 34. I’m looking for English – Japanese language exchange partner. I have been Australia by working holiday but my English is not good enough. If you really want to learn Japanese, please contact me. pj.oc.oohaynull@404hkxqr

American guy, 29, looking for Japanese/English exchange partner near Kyoto. Just moved here last month, so it would be great to practice my language skills and meet new people. If interested, please email me: moc.liamgnull@ekusorukorukamoruk

My japanese is poor hence looking for a language exchange partner. I am native English speaker. email me at ku.oc.oohaynull@zghaj

My name is Denis from New Caledonia. I’m drummer and practice contemporary art. I’m looking for Japanese people from Osaka to help me about livehouses and Japanese bands. In return, I could suggest free french courses or conversations. A bientôt. Dja mata. rf.oohaynull@8_stust

I live in Kyoto. I am looking for someone who can check my writing to improve English pages of my website. I am glad if you are familiar with British English. I can help you to study Japanese or introduce Kyoto. Please contact me. moc.liamgnull@81torracnoom

I’m 20 year old studying English Literature at an university in Kyoto. Half Japanese and half Chinese but I don’t speak Chinese so well. So I’m studying Chinese too. I’m looking for friends for language exchange. I’d be glad if you could help me with my English or Chinese. I can help you with your Japanese. moc.liamgnull@30irumen

I want to improve my Japanese and I am looking for a language exchange partner in Nagoya. I am also an English teacher so I can help you too. Lets meet for coffee in a Starbucks and start there. moc.liamtekcornull@02elamtoh

Japanese guy is looking for a language exchange partner (English-Japanese) in central Osaka. If you want to learn Japanese, do contact me. moc.liamgnull@htraeehtfoeceipa

I have been seeking for language exchange partners in order to improve my English proficiency and brush up your Japanese language. If you are interested in, please email me at moc.liamgnull@a.823e00an

Foreigner living and working in Kyoto. I’m looking for language exchange partners (Japanese ↔️ English). Please contact me if you are interested at moc.liamgnull@pjnevjar

I am vegan and I’d like to meet a Japanese vegan. Write me if you are Japanese vegan.

I’m a married 43 years old female looking for a language exchange female person around same age as me around Momodani and Tsuruhashi. For more information send me an email. pj.en.bewzenull@1201euseoj

Language exchange: I’m a Japanese female who would like to have an experience to teach Japanese. I can speak English. Saturday or Sunday afternoon at cafe in Namba or Umeda. moc.liamtohnull@271uzim

Looking for a language exchange partner. I am 26 yrs old from Higashiosaka. i speak English and i need someone who can help me improve my Japanese. moc.oohaynull@yrrrebner

I’m a 34 year old male who (native English speaker/teacher) and am looking for a language exchange partner (Japanese native) in the Hirakata area. Meetup @ cafe or bar during the week or weekend would be great. moc.liamgnull@322ekalbR

I’m French-Italian native. I can teach you one or both languages. Looking for female Japanese who can in exchange teach me Japanese. Actually I’m on holidays and will be back in Osaka on September 25 2016. Please do contact me if you like. moc.liamtohnull@htuostumiza

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31 year old German guy here. Help me learn Japanese and I will help you learn English or/and German. I have lived in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. ed.bewnull@48rrehcsif

I am a 38 year old Australian lady living in Namba. Looking for a Japanese female to do a language exchange with. Please email me. moc.oohaynull@011_selkraps

My name is Steven. I’m a 32 years old male from Italy, looking to learn and improve my Japanese and make friends in Sakai City. If anyone is interested please mail me at moc.liamgnull@48nevets.inot

I’m an American male who has recently moved from New York City to Osaka City. I’m looking for some friends here for language exchange and for hanging out. I’m currently studying Japanese but, my Japanese is not good yet. You can message me at moc.oohaynull@einaeb53lac I have Line also. You can message me your line and we can chat.

Looking for an exchange teacher to improve English and teach Japanese. I am living in Namba, 57 yrs old woman. I want to find a person around my age who is fun to talk with. Native speaker only. pj.oc.oohaynull@ihcuamayokihc

Looking for a Japanese female to teach me how to knit, quilt or sew whilst doing language exchange. During the daytime during the week is preferable. Come chat and do crafts. I will provide snacks and drinks. moc.liamgnull@uau2ykraps

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Native French-Italian-English wish to exchange Japanese lessons in café with Japanese in Osaka. Please feel free to contact me. Write me any time. Dont be shy. moc.liamtohnull@ucerap71sovenut

Japanese Woman is looking for a female language exchange partner in Osaka. Let’s go to Starbucks together and I’ll teach you Japanese and you help me with my English. ed.bewnull@klov

Join a friendly and easy speaking English and foreign language exchange atmosphere. I am an English teacher who owns a bar in Umeda where English is our native language.

英語と日本語を交換したい。僕は40代のアメリカ人(ハーフ)。女性と一緒に勉強したい。大阪で金曜日の夜。京橋、布施、鶴橋、上本町、なんば。あなたに会うのを楽しみにしています。 moc.liamgnull@ollopa.noom.eht

I’m a French guy, 27 years old. I’m new in Osaka but my Japanese skills are not very good. I’m looking for friends and language exchange too (French / Japanese or English). Don’t hesitate to send me a message by mail: rf.liamtohnull@rehpotsirhc-m

Language exchange – Want to learn English for free? Both conversation or a more structured lesson are okay. Let’s meet at a cafe in Umeda or somewhere in central Osaka. Native speaker. moc.liamtohnull@elbbubezleeb

22 y/o Japanese female living in Kyoto is currently looking for a language exchange partner who speaks either English or Chinese. I’ll help with your Japanese in return. Please feel free to contact me. We can send our brief introduction/profile picture each other in advance. pj.oc.eticxenull@3210ysaetiekat

Looking for language exchange partner in Toyonaka City, please teach me Japanese and I’ll teach you English. Mattane. moc.liamgnull@etaklerek

I’m looking for Japanese person / people for language exchange. Meet at public places. I have materials for Japanese and English. Any age or gender. Myself I am married with 1 son. Please contact pj.en.omocodnull@gniddew.kram

I’m a French guy, 30 years old. I’m new in Osaka. I’m looking for friends and language exchange too in French and/or English to Japanese language. Don’t hesitate to send me a message by mail

I am from New York 30s / male. Looking for language exchange partner. Learning Japanese now. I am an English teacher. My email is moc.loanull@nijortseym. Please help me with my Japanese. Thank you.

I am a 31 year old Japanese female looking for a language exchange partner. Let’s enjoy conversation over coffee! mail me on moc.liamgnull@exal.amuy

I’m from Italy and I’m living in Osaka like Japanese student. Actually my Japanese is not really good, but I would like to meet Japanese people for have a language exchange. I can teach you Italian, or we can just speak in English. moc.liamgnull@tsir.oizirbaf

Am new in Osaka and looking for a language exchange partner. You help me out with Japanese and I help you out with English. Email moc.liamtohnull@1naksi

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