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Looking for language exchange, a good laugh or got a sweet tooth? Then check our event

American male seeks partner for golfing / language exchange. Beginners welcome for both areas, but basic ability to play golf is important, say about 115 or less. Usually play on weekdays, most often Thursday or Friday. moc.liamgnull@flogprez

I’m looking for a nice language exchange partner, F / M? in Kansai : English / Japanese. moc.loanull@567uhsym

I am looking for exchange friends who can speak English and want to learn Japanese. I can teach you good Japanese and Japanese culture. Also I want to go hiking if you are interested in that. moc.liamtohnull@62arawaraw

Are you also looking for new friends from different countries? Or maybe want to learn a new language? NCBO language exchange takes place every month at Inari Glean cafe and bar and would love to have you swing by.

Badminton team in Izumisano. We are playing badminton once a week for fun. Looking for members who can enjoy playing badminton with beginners. You also may be able to learn Japanese. Please contact at moc.liamgnull@sgod.sevol.akuy

Single guy from Canada, 37. Do you want a free English lesson? Let’s have an English conversation for travel, shopping, career, hobbies or any topic. I need help to read Japanese mail (letter) / 日本語の手紙. Let’s do language exchange in Osaka. Umeda, Namba, or Tennoji ok. moc.liamgnull@999yugakaso

Japanese and English free online language exchange the 11th of October:

I am a male native English speaker from Oxford, UK. I really want to learn Japanese and meet more Japanese people. I would ideally love to meet in cafes etc in central Osaka and do a language exchange. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on ku.oc.liamtohnull@ihgdesrima.mhas

Late night online free language exchange? Join though out meetup

I’m a 26 years old woman. I’m a friendly person and I really like meeting new people. I’m looking for Japanese friends from whom I can learn more about the Japanese culture and language. moc.oohaynull@269449aigroeg

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I am a Japanese guy, 26 years old. I want to learn English especially pronunciation. And I can teach you Japanese at cafe. This is my first experience for language Exchange. Thank you. moc.liamgnull@r0210oy

22 year old native English speaker from the UK, London. I’m hoping to make some Japanese friends who I can partake in language exchange with, I have just moved to Osaka so my language ability is quite low. Contact me – moc.liamgnull@eirtmadA

Swing by for an online language exchange

Mid 50’s guy looking for language exchange / friendship in the Osaka area. Waiting for your reply. ac.evilnull@noihcat

Language exchange English – Japanese wanted. I’ m a patient teacher and movie-actor. I like interesting lessons and events. Write: moc.xednaynull@432hsamot

Looking for meeting new people online for free? Then join our language exchange the 23rd, more info here:

Friendly UK father, looking to meet a Japanese father to exchange languages. Meet in a cafe or play a round of golf. I’m in the Kobe area. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. moc.liamgnull@emiteerfsdad

54 years old Japanese & English speaker looking for friends who speaks German as a native language, in Kawachinagano and its surroundings. Looking forward to hearing from you. moc.liamgnull@pjmaertslatsyrC

I’m the middle age of 30s woman living in Osaka and am looking for Japanese-English language exchange partner who can talk with me 1-2 times in a month. If you are interested in that, please contact me at pj.oc.liamtohnull@pj2021eram

I’m a Japanese female who is native Japanese speaker, passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. I’m looking for language exchange partner who is native English speaker in Tennoji on weekend. Not for dating or drinking. Thank you. moc.duolcinull@ihsihs.enihsnus

I am living in Osaka and learning Japanese. Looking for a language exchange partner. I can help you in English. moc.liamgnull@03652509jv

I am looking for M/F who can speak Turkish. I am male interested to learn Turkish in exchange I can teach you English or Japanese. Please email at moc.liamgnull@ihsevagnayhd

38 years old Japanese female looking for native/ non native English speaker for helping my English. Maybe female friend are more welcome. Wanna also help your Japanese. I can meet to chat around Takatsuki, Osaka and Kyoto. Pls contact me: pj.oc.oohaynull@uzak32nevele

54 years old English and French speaker looking for Japanese friends in Osaka, in comagawa station. Looking forward to hear from you. moc.liamtohnull@sdneirfegnahcxE

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