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In Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama or Chiba? Visit

Japanese Learning Camp is available. Fluent English speaking male Japanese teaches you Japanese 1 on 1 for 6-10 hours / day. Sightseeing, accommodation, language lesson. All-inclusive price JPY 250,000/month. Group use is negotiable too. moc.liamgnull@ediugynajy

Eyelash extension training models wanted. Price ¥2000- @Nagahoribashi in Osaka. Contact me by e-mail: pj.oc.liamtohnull@7578omot

Cheap apartments in Tokyo. Apartments for rent that are foreigner friendly with English support. Phone: 090-8209-0122 Website:

Join a friendly and easy speaking English and foreign language exchange atmosphere. I am an English teacher who owns a bar in Umeda where English is our native language.

In profit English school for sale. 800,000 yen. North Osaka location. Minoh city, Osaka prefecture, Japan. Students include adults and some kids. Nice neighborhood in a mid-sized busy city. Perfect for a solo owner-operator teacher or husband/wife team. Priced for quick sale. Contact me for more details. moc.liamgnull@usedyreme

We help foreigners get and negotiate apartments to save them money. We offer a service to help you with negotiations and translate to insure that you get the apartment you are looking for. For the best price. See how much we saved our last client on Facebook. moc.liamgnull@hciernediehkered

Rapid English editing, ‘ghost writing’ and proofing by highly experienced author of more than 300 scientific and academic publications that include over 30 books. Honest and reasonable rates. Please check background by visiting

Love to cook and have experience on Italian, Continental, Indian and Chinese cooking worldwide. Invite me to your parties and events to plan and cook foods. moc.liamgnull@nohinubab

Parkour? My name is Tyler I’m Canadian and live in 大阪市福島区。 I’ve been doing parkour for 2 years now. I’d love to teach parkour because its cool, fun and very good exercise. I charge 1500円 or 2500円 for 2 per hour. 090-8535-2499 / moc.kooltuonull@91stnemelclrelyt

House keeping. 6 min walk from Hankyu Sone Station in Osaka. moc.liamgnull@otomihsah.koy

First Egyptian restaurant, cafe, and bar in Kyoto. Shisha lounge. Come and enjoy the atmosphere. Belly dancers show weekly. Contact 0906008419

Need a hand editing English documents? School assignments; presentations; posters. Can do next day corrections! Don’t hesitate to be in touch. Email me moc.liamgnull@rentsrof.a.arat

We are a new English school which opened in Itami. We have only private lessons which are offered by either a Japanese or native teacher. 2 minutes from Hankyu Itami Station. Hope to see you soon. Please book your free trial lesson at: pj.kooltuonull@hsilgneyssalc

Make friends learn English stretch move breathe smile. Wellness and beauty with yoga in English and Japanese. No registration fees. One lesson 90 min from 1800¥. Please visit and Pure Yoga Osaka on Facebook.

Graduate of 3D animation at Portsmouth university and I have recently been involved in the programming for a local project in Shikoku to create a visual novel. A local Japanese artist and I are interested in a new project for either or both of us, however big or small. moc.liamtohnull@niawohtimS

I’m a handstand instructor from Los Angeles. Improve your strength, balance and flexibility, I can help you achieve any of your handstand goals, press handstands, endurance, improve technique. 5000 yen/hr moc.liamgnull@k2ertsib

Cheap Osaka apartments. No key money, no deposits, no realtor fees and more. 090-8209-0122

Photographer. I am a professional freelance photographer from Australia. I specialise in fashion but also have experience in events, live music, portraits, architecture, products. My folio is at Feel free to get in touch, I’m keen for anything.

My goal is to help foreigners in Japan by publishing a book about how to have a successful interview in Japanese. I`m seeking people with all sorts of occupations besides English teachers. When I publish my book, I`ll give you a free copy. I hope it can help you in many ways. moc.liamgnull@retadnoitanitsed

Struggling to find a date? Are you finding hard to approach girls in Japan? Let me help you to develop your day or night game, pull out ladies easily and get over 5 new contacts a week with my coaching. You do not even need to speak Japanese or look like Justin Bieber. Will get you a free date in the first week or your money back. moc.liamgnull@281oicinamm

Japanese business and teaching professionals. Please contact me if you need any English-related assistance. Check

Pet Sitting Japan. For pet owners in Japan. Looking for the best attention and care for their pets. Valuing the peace of mind from having certified Japanese pet-sitters by Japan Pet~Sitter Association. Full time pet sitting since 2011. Please feel free to reach us with your VIPet needs. moc.liamgnull@sredrobtuohtiwgnittistep

Free English lessons and conversations every weekend between 15:00 and 17:00. At Faraon Kyoto. ku.oc.liamtohnull@ffidracilA

Do you need illustrations, logos, or other visual communications materials. I have lots of experience with a variety of clients. Please contact me at moc.liamgnull@selytsserk. To see how I can assist you.

Piano lesson at Toyonaka (Kanzakigawa Sta.) How about having a piano lesson? I can teach for both kids and adults. I have music degree and have 5 years experience teaches in Singapore. Pls contact me moc.liamgnull@reivalk.muabzrawhcs

Certified female yoga teacher gives private yoga lessons multiple styles in English and Japanese. Send your email at moc.liamgnull@akasoagoydoogleef

Free house / pet-sitters. We are available as of April 4th, 2016 to pet-sit in Japan. We do not charge for our services. Our home is in New York. We are quiet, non-smokers who adore animals. We are in our forties. We are open to all parts of Japan. To learn more about us please see our website:

Pain? Orthopedic care (¥4,000 / treatment). Orthopedic Dr. Mark Bryan, professionally trained & qualified. Rehab rxpert (20+ years): treating many conditions & many people. Experienced / honest/ quick relief. Don’t suffer. Osaka Castle, Temmabashi Stn. By appointment only. Email: moc.liamgnull@stranayrbkram Bio & Access:

Hiring? Need a teacher now? Place your teacher wanted ad on today!

We are doing Japanese cars Auctions agency. Japanese used cars Low cost agency. Our fee very cheap from auction for bidding cars. 120 auction houses and 60,000 vehicles in auction at a time. moc.liamgnull@dtotuaycafen

Tired of making your own lesson plans? Give me your curriculum and I will design lesson plans for you. JTs find my lesson plans easy to follow, even when they don’t speak English. Contact me for details and a sample lesson plan at moc.liamgnull@hsilgne.edisybedis

Live with locals. Shared rooms available now. Very convenient location. Search for ‘Borderless House’.

Need a Japanese resume for your job application in Japan? Then, please check out our website.

Boxing and fitness training From a boxing champion for males, females and children available 7 days a week Umeda area. moc.liamgnull@sistidnoc.kcin

Mobile aromatherapy massage in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. I had worked as a professional massage therapist for two years with Spa standard in London. My holistic massage is high quality unique of Eastern blend techniques. Please email me for detail. pj.en.bewzenull@n.ecnarf-ar


Invest in the US? Interested but need information from someone with exp. Mentor with 20 years (4 states) and good results can share his experience with you. I prefer SFR (single family residence) with management. I am not selling only sharing/advising. moc.liamgnull@iesnessuoires

Experienced photographer looking for female models for portrait photos. I specialized in attractive and sexy photos, I also due semi nude and nude photos. If you are interested please email me and I can show you my work. moc.liamgnull@snosamduolc.ofni

If you are looking for part time jobs, please register the form and our coordinators will assist job hunting for you.

Proofreading services. Professional proofreader seeks individual and students to come forward with all the proofreading services for affordable fees. If you are interested, please contact Sam @ moc.oohaynull@07ssamoib

If you need custom made flash cards for your needs, contact me at moc.liamgnull@hsilgne.edisybedis 1000円 is the starting price. Printed, laminated, and cut. contact me for samples and further details.

Mobile aromatherapy massage in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. I had worked as a professional massage therapist for three years with spa standard in London. My holistic massage is high quality unique of Eastern blend techniques. Please email me for detail. pj.en.bewzenull@n.ecnarf-ar

Need a roomate? Got an extra room to share? Place a free ad in today!

Sightseeing. We offer all inclusive sightseeing service in Osaka and Kyoto. The price includes accommodation, tour guide, car and driver, all in one.

Cheap home repair and renovations in Kansai. We offer very affordable services and great results, also we offer home purchase guidance. Plenty of homes for well under 50 grand US. check out our website.

Apartments in Osaka. We help you by negotiating, translating and giving you discounts off the top Japanese real estate agencies which will save you tens of thousands of yen and up. We also help you with your utilities, city hall, day care, purchasing furniture, moving and more. moc.replehtnemtrapanijiagnull@tner

Got a group in Kansai? Looking for more members? Let everyone know by submitting a free ad to today!

Jojuji Temple is a hidden Zen temple located in Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto. The temple is opening its buildings and treasures to public for the first time. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy more private tour before the temple becomes more recognized.精浄-文化研究部-禅僧煎茶-/677727869003430

Do you need a support for your daily mental health? Music Therapy session in English is available for all. SMTS therapist is trained and qualified as a Music Therapist in the UK and also experienced Speech Language Therapist. Child development counselling is also provided. Feel free to ask. pj.oc.oohaynull@xobliamstms

Need an English speaking software developer in Japan? I’m an independent developer offering cross-platform development services. Services include: iOS, Android, web and desktop apps. Software consultancy – ideal if you have an idea of your own. App store submission, localization. Contact me to find out more. moc.tnempolevedbewkjnull@tcatnoc

Manpoutei Japanese barbecue yakiniku restaurant. 1-13-17 Higashikagaya Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 559-0012. Tue-Sun 5PM–12AM. 06-6685-0988. English speaking staff.

Lexis TESOL Training Centres is now offering the Cambridge CELTA course in Kobe. The CELTA is recognised world-wide as a leading English teaching qualification. Four week full time course commences November. Contact Dave Fox at moc.hsilgnesixelnull@xofd.

京都市の写真家としての雇用を求めて Seeking employment as a photographer on Kyoto アクション – ネイチャー – 旅行 – 結婚式。 Action – nature – voyage – mariage いくつかのソーシャルネットワーク上の写真や年代記 – 観光とスポーツレポート Photographer and chronicler on several social networks – Tourisme and sport report

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