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Any women under 50 years old for dating, relationship, romance, secret bonding, or one night stand are welcome to approach me. I’m 38 yrs old Asian and living in Hyogo region. moc.oohaynull@lla4eceN

I am 44, from England and am looking for an affair with a Japanese women. Shape or size is not important, as long as you like to talk and we get on. Discretion of course, even if you are married. I just want be held and loved. pj.en.bewzenull@700ba.neicul

Around his 50s man. French, married but real lonely heart. Looking fore woman or single girl also lonely heart. Age 21 to 50. Really sweet and tender for sharing happy hours together in Osaka City. Max. discreet please send an email to moc.liamtohnull@ucerap71sovenut

I’m a 32 y single guy from India and I want Japanese female friends for spend some times & improve Japanese language. Send mail moc.liamtohnull@23uoyteemotecin

I’m 20 years old, female, near Osaka looking for NSA hookups or one night stands. 私は20歳、女性、NSAの接続や夜のスタンドを探して大阪の近くです。moc.liamgnull@nufrofgnikoolrellevartylenol

25 y/o British Asian female, will be moving to Osaka next month and would like to make friends. Platonic only, thank you. moc.liamgnull@29nart.ihtym

I’m 40, white, European, male. Looking for simple times with females in a love hotel in the Kansai area. Just have fun and enjoy each other. Discreet, safe, fun. moc.liamgnull@ehtekuldnaob

Visiting Kyoto at the end of the year, any ladies wanna hang out? Me; 32, tall, slim, European. moc.liamgnull@tinniyawaworht

26yo British make seeking Newhalf/shemale/T-girl. First time but want to try something new. Send me your face pic and I\’ll send mine back. moc.liamgnull@golvnapajniyuG

Looking for an interesting lady to meet, talk and spend time together once in a while, in the Kansai area. pj.oc.oohaynull@21naminukatik

Seeking a lovely Japanese bride. Handsome male with Northwest European style body seeks a pretty, slender Japanese girl to marry. I reside in Kyoto, so let’s meet in romantic Kyoto. I speak conversational Japanese and have resided in Japan occasionally. I have a US passport. My LINE ID is: BUDDHA_INFINITY

Trying to find someone who actually found someone through this. I’m one of those many here in Japan: L.M.F. (Lonely / Married / Foreigner). moc.oohaynull@noillirambob

Italian 37y.o male in Osaka looking for married Japanese woman for NSA/FWB relationship. Love to talk, drink, smile and if things get well something more intimate. Ok not married or threesome. 英語が出来ない女性もいいよ。 日本語の日常会話も出来る。 moc.liamtohnull@43le

30 years old caucasian male here, married. Looking for a woman, ideally older and married as well, for daytime play. Feel free to contact me at suppai[at]gmail.com. 日本語でもぜひ。

I am mid 40`s and currently live in Osaka. I am looking for someone who can go to America with. I spent almost 20 years in Los Angeles and planning to move back soon. Lets help each other. moc.liamgnull@onokuya

British guy Premier League Crystal Palace fan, straight, would like to meet another similar fan to go to watch JLeague games now and then, try to find a fish and chippy near the ground for a beer too. Is it possible? moc.liamgnull@reverofecalapc

Fit 24 YO white guy with 6 pack looking for casual safe sex friend. Send me an email if you’re interested, I’ll send photos. Not looking for anything serious, just fun. moc.liamgnull@043122cjcl

I’m a married western man looking for a single / married woman for mutual fun. Please contact me at moc.liamnull@aravsetikolava

Slim UK male looking for Japanese female (30 to 50 years old) with romantic heart to spend a lovely time with a few times a month. If you are in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto area that would be great, but I can travel to see you in other areas. 日本語OK. pj.oc.oohaynull@321yrotsyrolg

European man looking for friends in Osaka area for hanging out and language exchange. No scammer and no drama please. Nihongo demo OK. moc.liamgnull@iasnakadrab

I am a Canadian man (25) here in Osaka looking for beautiful woman FWB/NSA in Japan at times can get pretty stressful and I would like to hang out and go drinking with you sometimes thanks again you can contact me at moc.liamtohnull@iviihsoy

European male, 39, looking for married Japanese lady for afternoon fun. If you are mature and discreet I am waiting to hear from you soon. moc.liamgnull@eremrelle

English Spanish Japanese speaker wants to date woman for romantic reserved times. Any day of the week in Kansai area. moc.liamgnull@2302sakardnalat

Lovely JF is looking for a single white male (45-ish) to build a good relationship with. I like a talkative, tall, slim man. Serious & non-smoker only. pj.oc.oohaynull@55ybbatgnilevart

Single guy from England. I m looking for love, and happiness, I love the sea and independence. I hate fighting, I just want being happiness. If you like peace and love. moc.liamtohnull@naneicul

I’m gentle non-smoking Japanese divorced man (late 40s), looking for gentle woman in her 30s or older and enjoy conversation in Japanese or English at cafe/pub. I like tennis, English tea, chardonnay, movies, nature. Let’s do some activities in Kobe. If interested, please contact me at pj.oc.oohaynull@125dleiftsae

American,45, likes karaoke,wine and investing seeks intelligent,sexy married or divorced lady. Let’s meet and enjoy each other with no pressure / expectation. Life is short – shouldn’t we be happy? English or Japanese language both ok. Don’t be shy – meet this guy. moc.liamtohnull@sivart.det

I’m looking for a female friend who is interested in mainly outdoor activities such as hiking, running, skiing etc. I’m a middle aged long time Osaka resident who would like to enjoy hobbies with a female friend of any nationality. moc.xednaynull@omotimuhs

Italian 37y.o male in Osaka looking for married Japanese JW/couple for NSA/FWB relationship. Love to talk, drink, smile and if things get well something more intimate. Ok not married or threesome. 英語が出来ない女性もいいよ。 日本語の日常会話も出来る. moc.liamtohnull@43le

British male 39 Living in the uk seeks Japanese female for friendship and language exchange and possible long distance relationship. moc.liamgnull@04ha.sidraT

I am 40’s man from Europe. I live in Osaka and I am looking for women in Kansai area. I am attractive, kind and with a good sense of humor. Please feel free to contact me. moc.liamgnull@iasnakadrab

I am a man 47 seeking friendship. Let’s talk. If interested please mail me. moc.liamgnull@dhppakaso

Cheerful man, 46, is looking for a nice girlfriend. My hobbies: cooking, walking, art and travelling. Write: moc.liamtohnull@588ezluhcsyrrah

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は36オ永住権を持ってはるドイツけいアメリカン人男性。私は優しくて静かな男性です。離婚しているけどまった日本人女性と付き合って結婚したい。優しくて応援する女性と付き合いたい。関西に住んでいる女性です。英語話さなくても大丈夫です。 Please no games. moc.liamtohnull@3gkf

M looking for 2-3 ladies for drinking beer in Kawaramachi area on weekends. Please contact moc.liamgnull@53nijiempo with picture for recognition in bar.

American, age 75 wants to meet a future Japanese wife. In Kyoto Oct. 16 – Nov. 1. Email: ten.xocnull@ssehregor before I leave USA. Thanks Bye 4 now. I live in California.

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I’ll be visiting Japan later this year and I’m looking to meet a single female or couple to visit a Happening Bar or similar with. Please reply with photo. moc.liamgnull@6znninuftluda

I’m a long time resident white male married to a Japanese who wishes to meet a foreign woman with similar situation for exchange of thoughts and experiences of our daily lives. moc.oohaynull@noillirambob

Handsome white scientist, nerdy in job, but not nerdy at all in dating. Looking for a girlfriend in Kansai area. I live in Kyoto. moc.liamgnull@kintops.orroz

Australian separated man mid 40 looking for married or separated, lady friend to have casual safe sex. I live in Nishinomiya, I’m an honest man and I just need a good friend and have fun time. If you’re interested, please get back to me. moc.liamtohnull@66zoorheb

Male, 35, 175cm, healthy. Looking for discreet daytime encounter with married woman. Non-Japanese/foreign preferred. Can meet at any Hankyu station. moc.liamnotorpnull@a-teercsid

Middle aged married white male looking for female friend to meet once in a while for chat and fun. moc.liamgnull@naminukatik

Funny and cute teacher searches lady.I like singing, writing, painting & movies. Let’s enjoy together. moc.loanull@567uhsym

お好み焼きを一緒に食べましょう。私は40歳のアメリカ人です。私は結婚しています。結婚した女性は大丈夫です. 私は楽しい人です。moc.oohaynull@0002remoolsd

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Lately I’ve been to the lesson for the swing dance and it was fun. Would be nice if I can practice with someone. Anywhere in Osaka city would work for me. ua.moc.oohaynull@akasonakim

Nice black guy is looking for a nice Japanese woman a decent relationship or friendship. I’m a good and funny guy. I’m living single.
Send me an e-mail, let’s enjoy good friendship. Any age is ok. moc.liamgnull@663eepeeW

Italian 37y.o male in Osaka looking for married Japanese woman for NSA/FWB relationship. Love to talk, drink, smile and if things get well something more intimate. Ok not married or threesome. 英語が出来ない女性もいいよ。 日本語の日常会話も出来る。 moc.liamtohnull@43le

I’m Mark, I would like to meet Japanese people. I live in Japan (Spouse Visa), I speak some Japanese, but I need help. Let’s meet at a public place and talk in both languages, we can both learn from each other, many things, and have fun. Just for friendship I am married and only looking for friends pj.oc.oohaynull@gniddewdlanodkram

My name is Steven. I’m a 32 years old male from Italy, looking to learn and improve my Japanese and make friends in Sakai City. If anyone is interested please mail me at moc.liamgnull@48nevets.inot

European male, 39, looking for discreet fun with single or married Japanese ladies. Afternoon love hotels in Kansai area. moc.liamgnull@eremrelle

39 M looking for a girl friend to have a good time here Osaka. I am staying in Tsukaguchi. moc.oohaynull@8787ecaep

I’m a 44 year old British man. I am looking for a nice Japanese person to chat with on my days off (Sunday and Monday). I love reading, reading, the outdoors and sleeping. zzzz email me if you are the same. pj.en.bewzenull@700ba.neicul

Sincere, non-smoking Australian male (51) visiting Kansai next year looking to spend adult time with willing Japanese women of mature age. No age limit and good English not required. Email and get to know me. I won’t bite unless you ask me to. Please message Joe moc.liamgnull@888egareva.eoj

はヨーロッパからとてもハンサムな男です、私は37シングルといい体、ファッションセンスと約179センチの高さです、私は大阪でここで日本人のガールフレンドを探しています、私は金髪のかわいい日本の女の子に、私はスリムボディと少し大きい胸、私は親切です、なぜ私を試してみませんか moc.oohaynull@nayrbsizrebap

Single woman with two kids (now that first phrase should have made half of the freaks scroll past this message) is interested in hiking, beer, drawing, deep connections, positive thinking, etc. If you like to keep it real email moc.oohaynull@detraehdrahahsirt

Australian guy looking for shemale. If you interested please drop me a mail. moc.liamtohnull@66zoorheb

Looking for preferable female friend who likes outdoors activities: walking / running / hiking etc. I’m a white married male in Kansai. moc.oohaynull@1ononob

Male, 2 5y/o Osaka looking for a girlfriend in Kansai area. Please mail me moc.liamgnull@0102.666ategev

My brother and I are living in Japan. We came from America. We are interested in anime, games, and cosplay. We would like to meet others who are interested in the same hobbies. Let’s enjoy our hobbies together. Both guys and girls feel free to contact us. moc.liamgnull@retadnoitanitsed

A nice warm woman (41) is looking for a serious relationship. Please email me and see how it goes. pj.kooltuonull@akasonickm

M seeks F for a long funny & erotic relationship. I’ve blonde hair, no beard & I’ m not fat. Hobbies…writing painting, singing & cooking. I work at university & will be sweet & lovely. Marriage OK. Write: moc.loanull@496rrmep

Middle aged Japanese female looking for a boyfriend. Prefer Kansai area and a person who can speak Japanese. moc.liamgnull@eebraeywenyppaH

34 y.o Japanese guy seeking for beer friends or more. I’m kinda new to Osaka and wanna a company to explore with. I love travel, music, movies, outdoor activities… moc.liamgnull@pj55oekat

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