Kansai Personals

Lately I’ve been to the lesson for the swing dance and it was fun. Would be nice if I can practice with someone. Anywhere in Osaka city would work for me. ua.moc.oohaynull@akasonakim

お好み焼きを一緒に食べましょう。私は40歳のアメリカ人です。私は結婚しています。結婚した女性は大丈夫です. 私は楽しい人です。moc.oohaynull@0002remoolsd

Sincere, non-smoking Australian male (51) visiting Kansai next year looking to spend adult time with willing Japanese women of mature age. No age limit and good English not required. Email and get to know me. I won’t bite unless you ask me to. Please message Joe moc.liamgnull@888egareva.eoj

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